4400 Series Wlan Controller

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$1,990.00 (was $34,995.00)

The Cisco 4400 Series Wlan Controller has no problem with having telepathic abilities. It knows that you might - literally speaking. But it’s cool with it because it’s used to people thinking stuff like that anyway. It’s not like it’s going to judge you for anything that you think, no matter which innermost private thoughts pop into your head while you’re around it. It’s just a wireless LAN controller. It’s not your sixth grade teacher or anything. So relax. You’re in good company.

What can the Cisco 4400 Series Wlan Controller do for you besides read your mind without even trying to? It can take full responsibility for your system wide wireless LAN functions like security policies, intrusion prevention, RF management, quality of service (QoS) and mobility. It integrates into any existing enterprise network, easily communicating with controller based access points over Layer 2 (Ethernet) or Layer 3 (IP) infrastructure using Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP). It can also support the  802.11a/b/g and the IEEE 802.11n draft 2.0 standard. Not bad, huh? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

As you can tell, the Cisco 4400 Series Wlan Controller is capable of extra sensory perception, it’s still pretty useful in practical, real world context. So don’t pretend like it’s not. And don’t be afraid of what it can sense in your thoughts. There’s no way it can share it with you coworkers. It’s not going to tell anybody. It doesn’t even have a mouth. We think you’re going to be fine. Really.