1260 Series Ap Dual Band

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The Cisco 1260 Series Ap Dual Band isn’t what it sounds like. It’s not a pretentious EDM/surf rock fusion band from the UK, so don’t get too excited. If you feel inspired to go out and take that name and create your own world-class musical act around it, be our guest. In the interim, let’s talk about how you can benefit from owning this piece of network hardware. The Cisco 1260 Series Ap Dual Band is a wireless access point that provides reliable and predictable 802.11n coverage for most environments. If you have these access points installed, you’ll have the throughput of 802.11a/g networks multiplied by, like, nine times. Whoa, dude. That’s a lot!

But now that you mention it, wouldn’t it be cool if the Cisco 1260 Series Ap Dual Band was actually a music group of some sort? Can you imagine what their concerts would be like? There’d have to be lasers, bro. And a fog machine. Maybe a big muscle dude playing the saxophone. Hey, why not? It worked in that one movie from the ‘80s about the teen vampires starring Keefer something-something. Yeah, that dude who used to be on that on show about that guy who always had 24 hours to save the country. What was it called again? We forget.

So if you want to extend your enterprise class network’s reach throughout some sort of indoor or outdoor expanse, look no further than these thingies right here: the Cisco 1260 Series Ap Dual Band