Polycom CX200 Desktop Phone

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  • Polycom CX200 Desktop Phone
  • Polycom CX200 Desktop Phone

The Polycom CX200 Desktop Phone is smart. It grew up in an alternate reality where drinking coasters do not exist. People just set their wet glasses down on napkins. Throughout the entire history of their world, no one thought to invent something extra to put your cup down onto that wasn’t a flimsy piece of paper. So when the Polycom CX200 Desktop Phone found its way over to our reality (long story), it was so intrigued by the prospect of coasters that it took a few back home with it through the dimensional rift that it stumbled through. There, it became a billionaire as the official inventor of coasters. How did it spend its money? By producing clones of itself to sell over here, because it also realized that our world didn’t have it at the same time.

So, with that said, would you be interested in purchasing a clone of the very crafty Polycom CX200 Desktop Phone for your own office? Despite its clever business sense and strategic approach to things, the Polycom CX200 Desktop Phone also functions pretty darn well as a telephone as its namesake suggests. It has buttons, a receiver, a cord, everything you love about traditional old school land line phones. Except it’s got powerful secrets it will share with you over time, so it’s best to get one as soon as possible. That way you too can one day become an interdimensional reality hopping entrepreneur like the Polycom CX200 Desktop Phone. What are you waiting for?