Cisco 7921G Standard Battery

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Do you want to learn how to astrally project? If you don’t have the time to take a class, you’re in luck! We’ve got the perfect solution for you: the Cisco 7921G Battery. Extensive research suggests that if you place this standard capacity replacement battery underneath your pillow at night while you sleep, your chances of spontaneously astrally projecting at some point throughout the day will be boosted by 13.5%. If that doesn’t sound like much, think about it - that’s 13.5% more astral projection capability than you have now. We’d like to see you try and find an item that will be as conducive to fostering your latent astral projection powers as the Cisco 7921G Battery is. Really. Try it. You won’t get far.

Yes, folks. This battery is special. It’s not just for keeping your Cisco 7921G wireless phone charged. It’s for exploring the unseen realms of the astral plane using your consciousness only. That’s worth its weight in gold. Spiritual gold. Alchemical gold? (We’re trying to stay on theme here.) All you have to do is slip the Cisco 7921G Battery under your pillow before you go to bed and the mysteries of the universe will reveal themselves to you, piece by enigmatic piece. But if you do need it for a more practical use, like as a replacement for battery number 74-4958-01 and CP-BATT-7921G-STD, you can too. It’s all up to you. Order one of your own today and know what it means to fly without having wings!