Nortel Norstar Audio Conference Telephone (NTAB4213)

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The Nortel Norstar Audio Conference Telephone (NTAB4213) has a big heart for a speaker phone. It is a true philanthropist in every sense of the word. We often look to it as guide when we feel like being more helpful and gracious human beings. We don’t know how it stays on top of everything it does, and we don’t know how it gives so much of itself day in and day out to everyone around it. The Nortel Norstar Audio Conference Telephone (NTAB4213) has such huge capacity for loving humanity and giving everyone encouraging, healing energy that we’re shocked that it’s only just an an innocuous looking conference phone that’s perfect for conference rooms, offices, and offices that sometimes double as conference rooms. It’s durable, it’s sleek, and it has a sweet looking keypad that has buttons that are ever so fun to press. It plugs into any Norstar digital telephone jack. And it’s got a non-offensive smell to it. What more can you ask for in a conference phone?

But above all else, we consider the Nortel Norstar Audio Conference Telephone (NTAB4213) to be a paragon of humanitarianism - even if it’s not technically human itself. It’s more human than human, really. We’re thankful to have such a special device in our lives. It’s teaching us a lot about giving and receiving and what it means to voice conference in a hectic world that is in need of more compassion and love.

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