Cisco CP-8841-K9 UC Phone

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  • Cisco CP-8841-K9 UC Phone
  • Cisco CP-8841-K9 UC Phone
  • Cisco CP-8841-K9 UC Phone
$221.19 (was $495.00)

We've just returned from our latest temporal adventure and are happy to report that we now have the CP-8841-K9 by Cisco courtesy of the Daleks. Nice chaps - A bit obsessed with extermination, though. We're sure they won't notice it has gone missing.

We'd like to thank Stark Enterprises for the new automatons we have handling all of our New products in the warehouse. Apparently they're based upon some new "infinity stone" technology. They're great! They do seem to be getting a bit opinionated, however.

You'd like to know the meaning of life, the universe, and everything? No, I'm afraid we're just as lost as you on that one. But we do know an awful lot about this particular item - ask us anything.

A man with a pointy hat is here to see us about a ring (it seems urgent) - but we'll be close by if you need any additional help with the Cisco CP-8841-K9. Feel free to look around!