2611 Surveillance/Network Camera - Color, Monochrome

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The Cisco 2611 Surveillance/Network Camera  (Color, Monochrome) isn’t well versed in the rules of time travel, but it knows that it shouldn’t be able to go back in time and save the dinosaurs from extinction and then expect to come back to the present and have everything be hunky dory. No way Jose. Obviously things would be different and obviously our lives would be forever altered.

Luckily, the Cisco 2611 Surveillance/Network Camera does not carry any risk of spontaneous timeline jumping as the manufacturer did not equip it with such. So you’re safe. It’s just a feature-rich digital IP camera designed to provide high-quality performance to your business class network’s video applications. In other words, it gives you the power to surveil what’s happening around your office and/or property. Now you can finally figure out who is eating all of the complimentary Sun Chips in the lunch room that you like to order in bulk. (Our bet is on Daryl from Finance. He smells like that sour cream and onion flavoring almost every day.)

We wish that the Cisco 2611 Surveillance/Network Camera  could help you travel back in time and save your Sun Chips, but no, it can’t. And forget about the dinosaurs. (Literally, forget we even mentioned them!) Looks like you’ll have to settle for having one of the most premium surveillance cameras we have in stock instead. You’ll enjoy its  H.264 compression of up to 30 frames per second (fps) at D1 NTSC resolution (720 x 480) or 25 fps at D1 PAL resolution (720 x 576). Just don’t take advantage of its abilities too much and start surveilling everyone in your office, because that would get old fast. Good luck with your time travel ambitions?

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