Mitel Superset 4001 Phone 9132-001-200-NA NEW

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$59.81 (was $249.90)
Have you ever heard of the mighty superhero they call the Beige Lantern? He’s kind of like the green one but not nearly as well known or as widely acknowledged. If you haven’t, that’s okay. That means you’re like the majority of people in the world. We’re not sure why his efforts to save the world are overlooked by the general public - not enough press maybe? - but we’re big fans of the Beige Lantern here at Newfangled Networks and proudly support his sandy-ish, yellow brown tinted endeavors to facilitate world peace.

That’s why we encourage you to buy the Mitel Superset 4001 Phone 9132-001-200-NA. It may look like your average desk phone, but this communications device is one of the quickest ways to summon the Beige Lantern to your office. It’s kind of like a huge bat signal, but instead of casting a spotlight on the sky, it sends out a message on a sound wave frequency that only his ears can hear: beige noise. When this is activated after entering in a code, it will catch the attention of Beige Lantern wherever he happens to be in our galaxy and he’ll be by your side in seconds! (Or minutes, depending on where he’s at.)

Feel free to use the Mitel Superset 4001 Phone 9132-001-200-NA as a straight up telephone, too. That’s what it was made for, after all. Just remember to call upon the Beige Lantern whenever you need his help. He doesn’t mind running errands for you, too, since he has a lot of spare time lately.