Juniper Twinaxial Network Cable - 23 ft SFP Network

Juniper Twinaxial Network Cable - 23 ft SFP Network Loading...
$179.00 (was $300.00)


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The EX-SFP-10GE-DAC-7M by Juniper Networks was hard to come by - but we have it! We just narrowly escaped an attempt by the Mangalores to commandeer our ship and steal our cargo. With a little help from Corban, of course - not your typical cab driver, that's for sure!

We've run this thing through the transporter array a few times and can confirm that it is in fact New, and not infected with any foreign alien matter. That's what they tell us down in engineering, anyway. We really should check in with those guys to see if they've resolved their Tribble problem.

Now sometimes finding the answers you seek involves joining up with a motley band of dwarves, stealing a precious ring from a cannibalistic quasi-human cave-dwelling creature, and nearly getting roasted alive by a cruise-ship-sized fire-breathing dragon. Other times, you can just ask. We're big fans of just asking.

We're off to count our inventory of Juniper Networks EX-SFP-10GE-DAC-7M again. You can never be too accurate! Holler if you need us.