Cisco AIR-SAP1602E-A-K9 Wireless Access Point

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I don’t know if you’re going to believe this or not, but the Cisco AIR-SAP1602E-A-K9 1600 Series Access Point told us that it once spent three semesters at a pancake school. Yes, a pancake school. It’s kind of like bartender school but for being a pancake chef instead. We’d never heard of such a thing before either. We think it’s kind of strange that there would be a two year immersive training program for gourmet pancake making. But trust exists. We’ve seen the pictures. We’ve been to the website. We’ve tasted the flapjacks...and they are delicious. Who knew that a Jalapeno Spam pancake would taste so good when smothered in nutella and bacon grease?

Anyways. The Cisco AIR-SAP1602E-A-K9 1600 Series Access Point has a lot more going on for it than raising your cholesterol levels to new heights. It also carries the mantle of being exactly what its name suggests - a wireless 802.11n-based access point that extends the reach your business/enterprise network so you can be in the loop everywhere inside your office or workplace or air hangar or space station or man cave or woman cave or completely gender neutral cave. But it will also make you some darn good hotcakes in the morning if you want it to. We suggest you ask it to make you its sloppy joe pancakes (with extra onions). Or the Captain Kimchi Crunch flavor, which sounds weird at first but you get used to it. Really!

When it comes to expanding your network, we have to admit that the Cisco AIR-SAP1602E-A-K9 1600 Series Access Point does a bang-up job even if you’re somewhat on the fence about some of its fusion cuisine dishes.