Cisco 7914 IP EX Module

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The Cisco 7914 IP EX Module thinks it’s so cool. It acts like it knows everything and has been there and done that. Yeah,  it might be experienced and everything, and it may have been around the block too much. But it’s not all that. We’re not saying that it’s not functional or reliable; it’s most definitely a solid piece of hardware. It extends the capabilities of the Cisco Unified IP Phone models 796XG/G-GE and 797XG/GE with additional buttons and an LCD display. Because who doesn’t want an LCD display these days? (Besides our great Aunt Edna who swore off modern technology because she wanted to live off the grid in a cave somewhere.) Anyway, the Cisco 7914 IP EX Module adds up to 14 - count ‘em - 14 extra buttons on all existing Cisco IP Phones. That’s a lot of pressing action you could be getting in on now should you decide to purchase the Cisco 7914 IP EX Module for yourself.

On top of that, the Cisco 7914 IP EX Module is neat (and necessary) addition to your desktop IP telephone system. It might know this about itself and it might definitely act like it, but we kinda like how much pride and gusto it has. We should take notes from it and study it more so we can be full of ourselves too. (But in a useful way, of course.) Anywho, buy a Cisco 7914 IP EX Module today and add it to your pre-existing Cisco telephone system. We think you’ll dig it.