Polycom 2215-63885-001 HDX Array Microphone

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Who doesn’t love celebrity award speeches? Okay, so maybe there’s more than a few of you out there who don’t. But for those of you who do love them, why not consider re-enacting your personal favorites in your office’s conference room using the Polycom HDX Microphone 2215-63885-001 array (and the Telepresence system it’s hooked up to)?2

They don’t have to be Oscar length speeches. They can be quick Golden Globe thank-yous or MTV Movie Award shout outs. If you don’t have anything that resembles an award handy, feel free to use a stapler. Or that mug over there that holds all your pens and highlighters. That works too. Pretend that you’re Kanye, Taylor, Winona and more when you sit down for a video conference with your colleagues and coworkers in your mid-sized office room. The Polycom HDX Microphone 2215-63885-001 array contains three microphones with 15 foot cables that can pick up audio in a 360-degree pattern. So, unlike all those industry names who have to hunch down over one microphone sitting atop a podium, you can perform you speech in any posture you feel comfortable with. Take that, Hollywood.

Order a Polycom HDX Microphone 2215-63885-001 today and enjoy hours and hours of public speaking practice in the comfort of your own workplace. Oh, and don’t forget to thank the academy, your mom, your manager, and whatever spiritual guru you choose to follow at that moment.  Just don’t forget to mention us here at Newfangled Networks when you’re giving your real awards speech one day. We’ll be out there watching!