Cisco CP-7940G Unified IP Phone

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The Cisco CP-7940G Unified IP Phone didn’t used to be such as world class superstar. It used to be just another average joe with a degree in library science and a mortgage to pay. We know that this desktop phone hasn’t forgotten its humble roots, but we have to remind it how far it’s come along the way every now and again. Even so, we’re impressed with what an amazing IP telephony experience this device can provide offices like ours and yours. It offers unsurpassed end-to-end data and voice-over-IP (VoIP) solutions, large pixel based displays that enhance user productivity, and reliable Power over Ethernet (PoE) support that you can count on day in and day out to deliver the goods.

We’ll never forget the day we met the Cisco CP-7940G Unified IP Phone. It was sitting on the counter of a children’s wing of a library in Boise, Idaho. Doing nothing but waiting for a few calls to trickle in. Now it’s sitting pretty in an flashy office building handling massive call volumes at a time like it’s nothing. There’s no denying that we feel proud, but we wish it acknowledged the people that helped get it where it is in the first place (i.e. us here at Newfangled Networks). We know living in the public eye can be demanding, but gosh darn it - we have feelings too!

Ahem. Pardon the slight outburst. We get emotional about the Cisco CP-7940G Unified IP Phone. We have this paternal instinct to nurture it and watch it grow and handle more and more calls at a time to make your professional life easier. Can you hand us that box of kleenex over there? Thanks.