Cisco 2960 Catalyst Switches

The Cisco 2960 Switch series packs a wallop when it comes to highly secure business operations, operational excellence, enhanced workplace experiences and sustainability.

The Cisco Switch 2960 series delivers fixed-configuration access switches ideal for the midmarket branch office network. A small form factor and Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports give you a host of desktop connectivity options.

Enjoy enhanced troubleshooting and diagnostics and configuration settings built to secure business operations and a borderless network with an easy to use interface. Super fast Ethernet connectivity means no lag times and efficient data streams for staff as well as business functions.

The Cisco 2960 Switch utilizes intelligent power management to promote optimal energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Reduced power consumption when powering network-attached devices results in increased cost savings.

Configurable power settings give you control over each port's power consumption. With smart switch operation, power from ports not in use move into a lower utilization state to maximize the power to in-use ports.

With easy deployment, advanced control features and seamless integration with Cisco IP phones and other devices, the Cisco 2960 Switch series gives your business network the power it needs.

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