Adtran 924e Total Access Channel Bank (4242924L1) - New

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  • Adtran 924e Total Access Channel Bank (4242924L1) - New
  • Adtran 924e Total Access Channel Bank (4242924L1) - New


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You can't find better security, functionality and power than the Adtran 924e. The total access business gateway comes with a robust array of tools to give your business the routing capabilities, VPN function and firewall protection you need.

The perfect transition gateway if you're moving from traditional networks to Voice over Internet Protocol, the Adtran 924e is a cost-effective and customizable multi-T1/dual Ethernet IP gateway for integrating services. With the Adtran 924e, transition seamlessly without costly downtime. The 924e supports multiple configurations, from analog to IP.

But, the 924e isn't just a transitional gateway. Once you've made the move to VoIP, its industry compatible feature set and configuration options keep you and your business at the top of the game.

Housed in a rugged metal case, the 924e packs a powerful punch with its small footprint. Security, performance and grow-ability - that's the Adtran 924e. And, remember, when you order from Newfangled Networks, you get a 1-year warranty and expert support.