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“VoIP!” When you say it out loud it rather reminds you of the sound of a dripping faucet. On the other hand, that drip, drip, drip could be the money you are spending on landline telephone services for your small business. So if you want to take time out from the expense and lack of flexibility and poor (to nonexistent) business analytics of your wired communications system, you should consider what the business pros know about the “pros” of a VoIp phone.

Piggyback on the web

VoIP telephone technology is essentially a web-based voice transmission system. You can run a VoIP system on a computer with earphones and a microphone. You can also install a network of VoIP telephone instruments and start managing your customer relations and business tracking at a whole new, higher level.

You’ll see the money!

Maybe it wasn’t Gordon Gekko or Donald Trump who said it, but they should have: “Time is money.”   On your old phone line (or lines), you pay for the minutes your call screeners, service desk people and account managers spend in the care and feeding of your customers. Try branching out overseas, and the aforementioned drip in terms of exorbitant costs becomes a torrent.   

VoIP makes a difference

One PC World writer, Jason Kennedy, puts it this way:

“…VoIP differs from regular telephone service by treating your phone conversations as data passing through your IP network…VoIP has considerable appeal to businesses that want to cut costs and use their existing resources more efficiently.”

So you’re paying one monthly service charge for your Internet service and the meter stops as far as your telephone costs are concerned. Suddenly you are freeing office space for employees who can telecommute from their home office. That customer call comes in for Wanda, your top widget salesperson, who is on the road to a Washington sales conference. No problem. She just picks up her cell phone, and, well, you get the picture.

A real payoff in Customer Relations Management

With VoIP you can, as never before, build an analytics base that accumulates, keeps track of and allows you to actually evaluate how your customers are being handled.  Those tracking and management tools are out there waiting for you, and the tools and expertise are up there in the cloud.

Come to us for VoIP telephone equipment

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